Mood of the Rain.


I have rejoiced,
The thunders followed by the rain.
I have camouflaged,
My tears under the falling drops of pain.

It’s riveting how,
The rain can relate to me.
It can feel my pain and cry,
And can relish my glee.

Makes me wonder,
What’s the mood of the rain,
I think It’s the reflection of,
My own happiness and pain.


49 thoughts on “Mood of the Rain.

  1. First of all very well written it was a great enjoyable read. Second of all it was ironic since here in Spain as of right ten minutes before I counted 5 lightnings in less than a minute plus the thunders just right next to my place, the whole structure of the house shook. I donΒ΄t know who was the unfortunate neighbour to get the brunt of it, but 5 lightings strike so consecutavely? First time I seen this.
    Anyways, again great read.

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