I stumbled upon a photograph.
A childhood memory,
A vault of innocence,
A scene of another century.

Those eyes, oblivious to deceive,
A toy brimming my hands.
Contentment overflowing my body,
Standing on the happiest stands.

Nostalgia over took my mind,
I can’t ever be that happy again.
No matter the role,
Not as foe or as a swain.

I hope I find something that gratifying,
As that toy in my hands.
Something I can wrap my world around,
To cherish and love till the ends.


20 thoughts on “Photograph.

  1. Really enjoyed this one Vivek. I think poems and photographs often serve a similar purpose in our lives – taking us back to somewhere we’ve been or something we felt. I also find photographs are good inspiration for poems if you’re ever stuck for an idea.

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