Links of Chain.


Like links of chain,
Lock in lock,
We are two
Like time and clock,

We share the strain
Coequally among us,
We stick together
Through all the fuss,

We’ve been pulled
We were shook,
A strong vow
Is all it took,

We need to be strong
To the last of our blink,
As a chain is as strong
As its weakest link.


Arbitrary Love


Love is like a coin,
You can’t know until you flip.
Is it going to be a bane,
Or would it be a bliss?

It could be a voyage,
Without a single storm,
Or a disastrous thunder,
Ripping you to a different form. 

And just because you fall,
Into a pool of treachery,
Don’t shy away from another flip,
It could be your forever ship. 

It’s grueling indeed,
To fall in love once again.
It can be abstract,
Or an utter strain.

But don’t you lose hope,
Cause true love is beautiful.
And if it’s tiring and toxic,
It’s not true! 

This is the work of a beautiful Collaboration with a dear friend Wild_heart:



You are glasses
That I didn’t know I needed,
Until I put them on
And the view just conceded,

I could see
What I was missing before,
You were by my side
Like a blessing I never asked for,

I realised to the
Last of my atom,
That I can love someone
More than I can fathom,

The taste of you
Made me conscious to my core,
And I just knew that’s what
I was starving for.


Wrecking Ball..


Maybe it wants to change
But its cast doesn’t allow,
Maybe it made a promise
Or sworn a vow,

Maybe it wants to
Catch a feel,
A gentle touch, a warmth
Or just some zeal,

But all we see
Are the crumbling walls,
A home, an office or
Just empty halls,

When the smoke clears
We see what happened after all,
We judge it without a doubt
Because its a wrecking ball.


Try to See…


You’ve watched enough
Try to see for once,
You’ll see the stars the scars
and the galaxies she wields,

You’ve watched the shield
Covering the unknown,
There can be flowers, Butterflies
or cuts deep to the bone,

She has a thousand scars
on her soul,
She has those bandages
Covering bullet holes,

For once try to see
Beyond what it seems,
She’s beautiful, fearless and brave,
beyond your dreams.


Some shade of Grey


I’ll tell u a story
A Story of two,
When the time stood still
And winds just blew,

They were so different
Like black and white,
You could call them polar
Like day and night,

Sitting close to each other
He begin a poke,
She returned a smile,
Arresting words she spoke,

The two poles started
To dazzle to pull together,
Enjoying everything
The quite the chaos the weather,

Everyone could see it
But those two,
They were lost in
The talks the magic the woo,

Were they friends,
Lovers or something new,
The answer wasn’t so easy
They just didn’t know,

Their relation wasn’t
Black or white or easy to say,
If I try to define what they have
It’s some shade of grey.