Dear Diary


You should’ve told me
Told me that I love her,
The talks the gazes the warmth
You knew where we were,

U knew when she hugged me
Held her hand on my chest,
When the time flowed like water
Those charming talks were the best,

Oh Dear diary
Only if u could talk,
You’ll tell our tale
That ice cream that bench that walk,

You’ve seen it all
Stains of that desperate ink,
When I wanted to tell you all
Wrote a thousand words in a blink,

I’ll tell u more
More of us two,
Symphony of words
From best friends to I do.


Live a Little..


Life is suffocating
Free yourself from this brittle
Break those gloomy shackles
And Live a little,

Make a moment
Something to cherish,
Breathe a little
Don’t you perish,

Don’t let othodoxes
Define who you are,
Enjoy the music
Or just play a guitar,

Take a moment
Enjoy the rain,
Feel the thunder
Its not a bane,

Love someone
Tell them u do,
Lie together on grass
And enjoy the blue,

Life is gift
Enjoy before it’s bygone,
Is it even worth living
If u die alone.


She’s a Giver….


Why do you seem so lost
Asked she,
I said I’m looking for something
Maybe stars or the sea,

Something that has left a hole
Where sinks all the joy,
I was hit by a wrecking ball
Was left to crumble and destroy,

She touched me
And succoured me to heal,
Made me whole again,
And made my heart feel,

She is a giver
Always poured too much,
Was just enough for me
To fill that hole with her soft touch.


Something about the Wind..


There is something about
The running wind,
Touching your skin
Charging through the soul,

There is something about
that breeze,
Blessed with goosebumps of
Calm and peace,

I feel like it knows me
Better than anyone else,
Flowing through my
Symphony of flaws,

Holding my hand
When I spread my arms to feel it,
Flowing those demons out of me
It feels divine I admit it,

Oh Wind, you carry so many tears,
Carry mine too,
Makes these eyes dry again
And make me anew.


The girl I sat behind


She is different
She is brave,
She is beautiful
There’s something about her I crave,

I called out her name
She turned with a smile,
Made me fall head over heels
Wanted to walk with her down the aisle,

She’s the one
I knew then and there,
Wanted to kiss her
but couldn’t dare,

I looked into her eyes
There was my world,
Couldn’t stay still
Everything just hurled,

When I had the chance
I bend down the knee,
She nodded yes
And together were we,

Three years later
I’m in her arms,
The girl I sat behind
Fallen for her charms.

The poem is dedicated to someone very special in my life. My highschool sweetheart, the girl I sat behind.


Why don’t we talk…


Why Don’t we talk,
We used to so much,
I feel so distant,
And I crave your touch,

U are the sun to my day,
U are the stars to my sky,
I feel so empty now,
What happened to us & tell me why,

I was an exhibition of scars,
U touched and healed me,
I was shot down before,
but this time it hurts me,

I will wait,
Till end of the time,
No matter what it takes,
To make u mine,

You’ll have to believe me,
I’m saying this from my core,
Whoever said live in the moment,
Didn’t have u to wait for…


Flower of Chaos


I have grown in mare’s nest,
With wrecks around me,
I still bloom with a smile on my face,
I’m a Flower of chaos,

The things I’ve cared, I’ve loved I’d want,
Have crumbled to ashes by the mere touch,
I nourish from those ashes, and grow with a facade of smile,
Im a Flower of chaos,

For once there’s a bee,
Who I always wanna see,
Whom I fear to touch, who loves me so much,
Whom I can cherish on my petals in my dreams,

For once I fear the history to repeat,
As she’s the one I never wanna leave,
And from my heart I admit,
That my love for her is titanic,

For once I can see bloom around me,
As I hold her in my arms,
There is an aurora of glee around me,
And I’m not a flower of chaos anymore.