A journey in the dark.


What if there’s no light,
at the end of the tunnel, just a mirage.
And the walk in dark tunnel is all you get
And a memory’s collage,

You’ve spent your life following that light,
and vowed to enjoy when u reach it.
But the journey is what you were supposed to enjoy,
and now you’ve missed it.

I still follow the light,
at the end the tunnel in all its spark.
But I also started enjoying,
this journey in the dark.


Wrecking Ball..


Maybe it wants to change
But its cast doesn’t allow,
Maybe it made a promise
Or sworn a vow,

Maybe it wants to
Catch a feel,
A gentle touch, a warmth
Or just some zeal,

But all we see
Are the crumbling walls,
A home, an office or
Just empty halls,

When the smoke clears
We see what happened after all,
We judge it without a doubt
Because its a wrecking ball.


Live a Little..


Life is suffocating
Free yourself from this brittle
Break those gloomy shackles
And Live a little,

Make a moment
Something to cherish,
Breathe a little
Don’t you perish,

Don’t let othodoxes
Define who you are,
Enjoy the music
Or just play a guitar,

Take a moment
Enjoy the rain,
Feel the thunder
Its not a bane,

Love someone
Tell them u do,
Lie together on grass
And enjoy the blue,

Life is gift
Enjoy before it’s bygone,
Is it even worth living
If u die alone.


Life is a Spider-web


Life is a spider web, and we are on the strings,
Some stuck in their own messes, and some catching flees,
We all wanna be something before we decay,
Because burning out is better than just fading away,

The strings we choose decide our destination,
Some lead to conclusion and some to one’s liberation,
The choices we make decide who we are,
Some mend our souls and some leave a scar.