You are glasses
That I didn’t know I needed,
Until I put them on
And the view just conceded,

I could see
What I was missing before,
You were by my side
Like a blessing I never asked for,

I realised to the
Last of my atom,
That I can love someone
More than I can fathom,

The taste of you
Made me conscious to my core,
And I just knew that’s what
I was starving for.


I’m fine..?


I’m fine I said,
With a broken heart in my chest,
Can’t bear it anymore,
I have gash under this vest,

I’ll be fine, I said
Maybe I won’t
but no one cares,

I need an envelope
To cover my heart,
There is a part of soul
That has depart,

I have a smile
On my face,
It’s an art,
I need an armour not a heart.


The girl I sat behind


She is different
She is brave,
She is beautiful
There’s something about her I crave,

I called out her name
She turned with a smile,
Made me fall head over heels
Wanted to walk with her down the aisle,

She’s the one
I knew then and there,
Wanted to kiss her
but couldn’t dare,

I looked into her eyes
There was my world,
Couldn’t stay still
Everything just hurled,

When I had the chance
I bend down the knee,
She nodded yes
And together were we,

Three years later
I’m in her arms,
The girl I sat behind
Fallen for her charms.

The poem is dedicated to someone very special in my life. My highschool sweetheart, the girl I sat behind.


Flower of Chaos


I have grown in mare’s nest,
With wrecks around me,
I still bloom with a smile on my face,
I’m a Flower of chaos,

The things I’ve cared, I’ve loved I’d want,
Have crumbled to ashes by the mere touch,
I nourish from those ashes, and grow with a facade of smile,
Im a Flower of chaos,

For once there’s a bee,
Who I always wanna see,
Whom I fear to touch, who loves me so much,
Whom I can cherish on my petals in my dreams,

For once I fear the history to repeat,
As she’s the one I never wanna leave,
And from my heart I admit,
That my love for her is titanic,

For once I can see bloom around me,
As I hold her in my arms,
There is an aurora of glee around me,
And I’m not a flower of chaos anymore.


It feels like Home


It feels like home in your arms,
On your chest in your palms,
For once we lie under the sky,
With the clock off our mind,

Let our hearts beat in sync,
Call me yours, I want to hear,
For once the time is so slow,
I can feel u making me yours,

Let this symphony of heartbeats,
Never end,
Cuz it feels like home, where u are,
And I never wanna be far…


I love u and I’ll say it a million times…


I love u, and I’ll say it a million times,
I like how it feel I love the vibe,

I love how u know me I love how u care,
People say it is true and they say it’s rare,

I’ve waited for u, it feels like forever,
I’ll be by your side you’ll need me whenever,
I’ve loved u so much, I love u like hell,
Whenever I see you it feel like ringing bells,

Here I’m holding you tight,
Despite the distance and problems of any height,

To say,
That I love you, and I’ll say it a million times,
I love how it feel, I love the vibe.

– Vivek