I stumbled upon a photograph.
A childhood memory,
A vault of innocence,
A scene of another century.

Those eyes, oblivious to deceive,
A toy brimming my hands.
Contentment overflowing my body,
Standing on the happiest stands.

Nostalgia over took my mind,
I can’t ever be that happy again.
No matter the role,
Not as foe or as a swain.

I hope I find something that gratifying,
As that toy in my hands.
Something I can wrap my world around,
To cherish and love till the ends.


First Kiss.


Lavish lethal lips,
Magestic memorable moment,
Passionate peaceful place,
The time was frozen.

Hanging humble hair,
Faithful fearless fingers,
Serene smoothe skin,
That moment just lingers,

Enchanted eminent emotions,
Blushing boundless bliss,
Beautiful bewitched bodies,
That was our first kiss.


Why don’t we talk…


Why Don’t we talk,
We used to so much,
I feel so distant,
And I crave your touch,

U are the sun to my day,
U are the stars to my sky,
I feel so empty now,
What happened to us & tell me why,

I was an exhibition of scars,
U touched and healed me,
I was shot down before,
but this time it hurts me,

I will wait,
Till end of the time,
No matter what it takes,
To make u mine,

You’ll have to believe me,
I’m saying this from my core,
Whoever said live in the moment,
Didn’t have u to wait for…


There is a Storm inside me…


There is a storm inside me, ready to burst out,
And I’m sitting on my desolation in utter tranquility,
I feel weak I can’t speak,
My arms held low with tears rolling down my cheeks,

These tears are of yore,
I feel vacant, can’t talk anymore,
My throat feels heavy, and words are bygone,
My heart feels empty and so does my soul,

Wanna suffuse on the ground,
Where no one can find me,
Where I can be alone, and no one to maim me,
Where I can heal myself, and stifle this storm inside me.


Pearls of water


Pearls of water are falling from the sky,
Yes it’s raining, making me wonder why,
Why do l like the rain so much,
Maybe it washes the scars of my soul,

Those drops of water flowing on my skin,
Making me wonder why are they so alluring,
Maybe they have been kissed by love,
Or my soul is just thirsty for something,

Something I can’t find in this idle life,
Something I can’t live without,
Or I’m just yearing for someone,
Someone I can’t reach,

These drops carry an essence of love,
From the one I long for,
So let these pearls fall on my skin,
And make me whole again.