Mood of the Rain.


I have rejoiced,
The thunders followed by the rain.
I have camouflaged,
My tears under the falling drops of pain.

It’s riveting how,
The rain can relate to me.
It can feel my pain and cry,
And can relish my glee.

Makes me wonder,
What’s the mood of the rain,
I think It’s the reflection of,
My own happiness and pain.


Something about the Wind..


There is something about
The running wind,
Touching your skin
Charging through the soul,

There is something about
that breeze,
Blessed with goosebumps of
Calm and peace,

I feel like it knows me
Better than anyone else,
Flowing through my
Symphony of flaws,

Holding my hand
When I spread my arms to feel it,
Flowing those demons out of me
It feels divine I admit it,

Oh Wind, you carry so many tears,
Carry mine too,
Makes these eyes dry again
And make me anew.


Flower of Chaos


I have grown in mare’s nest,
With wrecks around me,
I still bloom with a smile on my face,
I’m a Flower of chaos,

The things I’ve cared, I’ve loved I’d want,
Have crumbled to ashes by the mere touch,
I nourish from those ashes, and grow with a facade of smile,
Im a Flower of chaos,

For once there’s a bee,
Who I always wanna see,
Whom I fear to touch, who loves me so much,
Whom I can cherish on my petals in my dreams,

For once I fear the history to repeat,
As she’s the one I never wanna leave,
And from my heart I admit,
That my love for her is titanic,

For once I can see bloom around me,
As I hold her in my arms,
There is an aurora of glee around me,
And I’m not a flower of chaos anymore.


Pearls of water


Pearls of water are falling from the sky,
Yes it’s raining, making me wonder why,
Why do l like the rain so much,
Maybe it washes the scars of my soul,

Those drops of water flowing on my skin,
Making me wonder why are they so alluring,
Maybe they have been kissed by love,
Or my soul is just thirsty for something,

Something I can’t find in this idle life,
Something I can’t live without,
Or I’m just yearing for someone,
Someone I can’t reach,

These drops carry an essence of love,
From the one I long for,
So let these pearls fall on my skin,
And make me whole again.