Wrecking Ball..


Maybe it wants to change
But its cast doesn’t allow,
Maybe it made a promise
Or sworn a vow,

Maybe it wants to
Catch a feel,
A gentle touch, a warmth
Or just some zeal,

But all we see
Are the crumbling walls,
A home, an office or
Just empty halls,

When the smoke clears
We see what happened after all,
We judge it without a doubt
Because its a wrecking ball.


Try to See…


You’ve watched enough
Try to see for once,
You’ll see the stars the scars
and the galaxies she wields,

You’ve watched the shield
Covering the unknown,
There can be flowers, Butterflies
or cuts deep to the bone,

She has a thousand scars
on her soul,
She has those bandages
Covering bullet holes,

For once try to see
Beyond what it seems,
She’s beautiful, fearless and brave,
beyond your dreams.