Mood of the Rain.


I have rejoiced,
The thunders followed by the rain.
I have camouflaged,
My tears under the falling drops of pain.

It’s riveting how,
The rain can relate to me.
It can feel my pain and cry,
And can relish my glee.

Makes me wonder,
What’s the mood of the rain,
I think It’s the reflection of,
My own happiness and pain.


First Kiss.


Lavish lethal lips,
Magestic memorable moment,
Passionate peaceful place,
The time was frozen.

Hanging humble hair,
Faithful fearless fingers,
Serene smoothe skin,
That moment just lingers,

Enchanted eminent emotions,
Blushing boundless bliss,
Beautiful bewitched bodies,
That was our first kiss.


A journey in the dark.


What if there’s no light,
at the end of the tunnel, just a mirage.
And the walk in dark tunnel is all you get
And a memory’s collage,

You’ve spent your life following that light,
and vowed to enjoy when u reach it.
But the journey is what you were supposed to enjoy,
and now you’ve missed it.

I still follow the light,
at the end the tunnel in all its spark.
But I also started enjoying,
this journey in the dark.


Tangled Thoughts


I found a bunch of
Tangled yarns,
All different colours,
Tangled with a thousand turns.

What if they didn’t mean
To tangle,
And so did my thoughts,
But my mind is strangled.

I can see every yarn,
And every thought clearly.
But I can’t solve that puzzle,
To free any, merely.

Everytime I try,
To ease a knot,
End up creating a new one,
A new mess of thoughts.

All I can do is cut the knots,
And salvage the rest.
Wait for them to tangle
And start all over again.


Arbitrary Love


Love is like a coin,
You can’t know until you flip.
Is it going to be a bane,
Or would it be a bliss?

It could be a voyage,
Without a single storm,
Or a disastrous thunder,
Ripping you to a different form. 

And just because you fall,
Into a pool of treachery,
Don’t shy away from another flip,
It could be your forever ship. 

It’s grueling indeed,
To fall in love once again.
It can be abstract,
Or an utter strain.

But don’t you lose hope,
Cause true love is beautiful.
And if it’s tiring and toxic,
It’s not true! 

This is the work of a beautiful Collaboration with a dear friend Wild_heart: