Flower of Chaos


I have grown in mare’s nest,
With wrecks around me,
I still bloom with a smile on my face,
I’m a Flower of chaos,

The things I’ve cared, I’ve loved I’d want,
Have crumbled to ashes by the mere touch,
I nourish from those ashes, and grow with a facade of smile,
Im a Flower of chaos,

For once there’s a bee,
Who I always wanna see,
Whom I fear to touch, who loves me so much,
Whom I can cherish on my petals in my dreams,

For once I fear the history to repeat,
As she’s the one I never wanna leave,
And from my heart I admit,
That my love for her is titanic,

For once I can see bloom around me,
As I hold her in my arms,
There is an aurora of glee around me,
And I’m not a flower of chaos anymore.


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